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Nolan’s latest film on the big screen has left rave reviews in its wake. Very good production by the director that shows that, as we told you before, there is still hope in the film industry to make good films.

However, despite the success of Interstellar, we cannot deny that there are many very good films on par with Nolan’s, and even some better than this latest installment. Do you want to know what they are? Here we present 9 titles that, if you love movies in space, you should never ignore.

9. Wall-Emovies like interstellar

You may be thinking that putting this movie on par with Nolan’s latest hit is a bit weird, but the truth is that both productions have things in common. For example, the robotic world of Wall-E and his concern for the environment, as well as the desire to explore space and go beyond. A very particular character, with whom you will also fall in love, and you will want to have him close.

8. Moonmovies like interstellar

Those who say that low-budget success is not possible are wrong. Do you doubt it? So here’s proof of it, a movie that enshrined Duncan Jones’ directorial debut and garnered several accolades for his work. A story that shows the impact of loneliness on the character played by  Sam Rockwell who made an excellent performance throughout the film.

7. Gravitymovies like interstellar

Alfonso Cuaron’s latest title has also earned its place here. A film that, although it had many plot holes in its plot, received many awards for its production and for the interpretation of the characters. A desperate plot starring Sandra Bullock that turned out as good as the others.

6. Guardian of the Galaxymovies like interstellar

This is another of the titles that can be considered as good, or better, than Interstellar. Although the latter is at times more sophisticated than The Guardians …, we must recognize that these characters also deserve good recognition. It is not far from the plot we are used to seeing when it comes to superheroes, but the humor and the repertoire of the characters take all the win.

5. The Right Stuffmovies like interstellar

Another title that is based on reality, specifically on Tom Wolfe’s novel and on the narration that Philip Kaufman makes about the first moments of the United States in the aeronautical career. A 3-hour long film so good that the viewer does not notice it, losing itself within the plot and in the characters, who have a great weight within the narrative.

4. 2001 Space Odysseymovies like interstellar

Many have said that this film has a resemblance to Interstellar and, given Christopher Nolan’s statements quoting Kubrick, we realize that they do have something in common. However, the 2001 Space Odyssey is a piece incomparable with the films of the genre. The conception of life, of humanity, and the encounter with the much-desired object, make this film a unique piece that has not yet been completely surpassed by new creations. The good thing, as mentioned, is that it can serve as an inspiration to other directors.

3. Alienmovies like interstellar

Immensely known, Ridley Scott’s film marked a before and after in the history of cinema. A narrative that stood out in science fiction, but also fused fear with suspense simultaneously. A title that any lover of this type of film will have in their list of favorite titles without any doubt.

2. Solarismovies like interstellar

If you have a special taste for films that take place in space, and you are not afraid to go back in time, then this is a good option for you. A very good work by Andrei Tarkovsky that recreates the space in a very ingenious way as well as the plot that it leads to the scene, another of the great metaphors that characterize the Russian director. Of course, with a very remote aesthetic to which we are currently used, and this is one of the big differences with respect to Interstellar, but it is worth it (if you have not seen it) review.

1. Star Warsmovies like interstellar

As expected this saga could not be exempted from being here present. A film that marked a before and after in this type of plot and that has cultivated many fans of all generations. We are eagerly awaiting the delivery of the seventh film in the saga.

The travel in space has always captivated viewers of the film and will continue to do for a long time, while there are talented artists who with their imagination take us to places where most of us never can be.

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