How to bring more texture into your home

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Your home should be a haven of comfort and style, and one way to achieve this is by adding texture to your decor. Texture not only adds depth and visual interest but also creates a cosy and inviting atmosphere, so read on to find out more.

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Layer your fabrics

Layering is a great idea when it comes to adding texture. Combine fabrics such as plush cushions, knit throws and silky curtains with materials such as cotton, velvet and linen to create something special.

Use natural materials

Incorporate natural materials, such as wooden furniture, stone countertops or cork placemats, to add warmth and depth to any room. Natural materials bring a touch of the outdoors inside, creating a harmonious blend of textures.

Play with patterns

Patterns are a fantastic way to introduce texture into your home. Think about incorporating patterned wallpaper, area rugs, or decorative cushions. You can mix and match patterns, but keep a cohesive colour palette for a unified theme.

Incorporate wool for cosiness

Wool is a texture superstar that brings warmth and comfort to your home. You can bring in wool blankets and throws or even make them yourself with crochet blanket kits. When you drape a chunky wool blanket or throw over your sofa or armchair, everything instantly looks and feels better. If you want to try this yourself, specialists such as Wool Couture stock crochet blanket kits.

Consider wall textures

Don’t forget about your walls. Textured wall coverings, such as beadboard, shiplap or textured wallpaper, can transform a plain wall into a visual and tactile space.

Mix styles

Texture thrives in contrast, so experiment with contrasting textures by blending decor styles; for example, pair a sleek modern coffee table with a rustic textured rug for a visually striking effect.

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Accessorise with textured décor

Decorative elements, such as ceramic vases, woven baskets and textured lampshades, can add layers of texture to your home. These accents are a subtle yet effective way to introduce tactile interest; what’s more, they are fun to source and buy.

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