How to eat ramen like a Japanese

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Japanese ramen soup, whose top secret is in the broth and in its hours of preparation, is fashionable in Lisbon. It is comforting when it falls in the stomach but it is not so easy to eat it in public, in danger of splashing everywhere, washing clothes included. And do you eat the whole pasta and other solids first (protein and vegetables) or do you sip the whole broth first? What do chopsticks and spoons come for if it slips? While they are born and no more places are born to taste the different varieties of ramen (or did you think it was just a small bowl of pasta inside?) And to comfortably eat the caldinho, here are seven rules for eating ramen like a Japanese.

Seven rules for eating ramen like a Japanese

1. ChopsticksHow to eat ramen

Grab the chopsticks with your right hand, the spoon on the left, or the other way around if you are left-handed or more comfortable. If you don’t know how to eat with chopsticks, don’t eat ramen.

2. A little at a timeHow to eat ramen

Take only small portions of dough at a time.

3. No need to stick your head in the dish

Take the dough with the chopsticks and, if necessary, with the spoon helps to lift the ends at the other end.

4. Go alternating between pasta and broth

Alternate pasta or other solids with a spoon of broth. Do not leave the broth for last.

5. The broth has to come steaming

The ramen must come to a boil, to smoke. If not, the fat starts to gel and becomes nauseating. Send it back if it’s just warm. It is for this reason that the best ramen houses in Japan serve at the counter, thus reducing the distance between the heat source and the customer.

6. Eat-in 15 minutes

Ramen is not eaten to be played with a friend. In Tokyo, a Japanese man dispatches ramen in five minutes. In Lisbon, we give you 15. More than that and everything is warm.

7. Can sip

When you eat the dough you can sip it, letting in a little air to cool your mouth. Mouth noise is tolerated in Japan, but it can be severely censored in Lisbon.

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