Getting out and Enjoying Autumn

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Spending time outdoors is known to be good for the souls and for our physical health and wellbeing, Nature is free for us all to enjoy, and even if you have problems with walking, there are paths that are suited to wheelchairs – have a look at this guide to find walks that are wheelchair friendly

You can also get walking aids like this to enable you to walk in safety and with ease.

Now is a time of change in nature, as the long summer days leave us, and the nights become longer than the days. We are entering a period of darkness and hibernation for many animals. You may see them hastily stocking up and feasting on the array of berries and nuts that are abundant, before the food sources grow scarce and the earth goes to sleep.

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It is a good time to reflect and meditate on your own life and the world around you too. Simply sitting outdoors with the autumnal changes around you can help you to get some perspective in your life and it can be a great way to switch off from the chaos of the modern world.

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It is also a time of great beauty and walking around a forest in the autumn is a dazzling display of many colours. Look out for all of the different shades as the leaves change, some that are still green and many more in various shades of reds and golds as well as brown – and who can resist scrunching through a pile of autumn leaves!

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