Fresh Red Herrings

‘Creativity’ & ‘Collaboration’ or to use my own dim witted term ‘Getting stuff done’, would appear to be a new concept being rolled out in seminars by a ubiquitous American furniture manufacturer. I guess sometimes whoever has the biggest marketing budget sets the agenda and gets the loudest voice. “Oh please help us create and collaborate. How is it done? How do I create something, If only someone would collaborate with me, I could create something”…. “Don’t worry madam. Stand back everyone! I’m about to create something”.

Sherlock Holmes-2Perhaps it’s just that the marketing department of a company that makes furniture deemed it sufficiently fluffy and topical a subject to draw in an audience. So they commissioned others wiser than themselves to research the topics, and repackaged them into the branded voice of authority, for easy consumption by customers. Nothing wrong with that I would add, but it does seem a great shame to see the intellectual prowess of others being bought and sold as important research driven by market demand. When in reality it’s research driven by a need to have something to say that’s vaguely related to buying new furniture.

I know this is controversial, but It may not help occupiers to have the agenda on workplace occupancy strategy set by folks who sell furniture. ‘Getting stuff done’ is undoubtedly very important but being pseudo academic about it and calling it ‘Creativity’ and ‘Collaboration’ is not actually groundbreaking. It may help promote adjustable seating to a wider audience, but lets not pretend that in the midst of the worst economy in living memory we need to promote anything less than practical solutions that help now, not sometime in an abstract future where ones penchant for creativity is acknowledged and supported by ones enlightened colleagues.

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