Why You Should Buy A Dual Flush Toilet

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Shopping for a toilet is considerably more complicated than it used to be. Instead of having just one basic type of toilet to choose from, there are numerous toilet styles made by many manufacturers. The dual-flush toilet is one style that is catching on for environmental and financial reasons, courtesy of best casino online.

Environmental Impact

The impact a dual-flush toilet has on your home can be monumental. The act of flushing, now split between two separate buttons or levers, acts as a way to save water depending on the volume needed per flush. Typically, these fixtures have a setting for a low-volume flush, generally reserved for liquid waste — and cutting the water usage in half for something like this over time translates to less impact felt by the environment, courtesy of real money casino games.


Although the price for water isn’t generally as high as cooling your home on a scorching July afternoon, there’s something to be said about an investment such as this that, over time, will save you cash each year. Additionally to the extra money in your pocket, you’re benefiting by saving about 4,000 gallons of water each year, minimum!

Maintenance Ease

A single-flush toilet is designed to use pressure to siphon waste out and away from your home’s plumbing system — and the breakdown of a dual-flush is much easier! These fixtures use gravity-based designs to dispose of your waste down a path that not only saves you from needed a plunger now and again, but it’s quite good at also preventing clogs from forming, which can lead to a plumbing nightmare when you least prefer it.

You Have Flushing Options

Dual flush toilets have two options for flushing: high volume and low volume. The toilet only uses water when it is needed, rather than wasting gallons of water every time.

You Save Money

Dual flush toilets use almost half as much water as older toilets. That means less money on your water bill and more money in your pocket!

Easy to Install

Dual-flush toilets can be installed in any type of home or business. There are a variety of models to accommodate the size and layout of your bathroom.

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