8 Things Never to Carry for Foreign Trips

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Before we jump into what not to pack, the most important thing to consider is your bag choice. While we have included each of the below because we genuinely think they’re pointless, if you go for a good quality bag, you can definitely fit a lot more in according to users of Australian online casinos real money.

Books and magazines

We’re not saying you shouldn’t enjoy a good read on vacation. But if you’ve got a Kindle or tablet, you can free up valuable space by leaving the paperback books and magazines at home. Electronic options are slim and lightweight, and allow you to load up more reading material than you could ever hope to finish on vacation.

A different outfit for each day

We all like having options, but almost no one needs an entirely new ensemble for each day of the trip. Packing this way is one of the quickest ways to run out of room in your luggage — and chances are, you won’t end up wearing half of what you brought. For all but the longest trips, most people can get away with bringing three tops and three bottoms that are practical and comfortable, and that can be mixed and matched. If you’re worried about running out of clean outfits, plan on doing a load of laundry on the road, or simply hand wash a few items when you need to.


Instead of bringing your entire toiletries bag, take advantage of the free stuff you can get at your hotel. Most properties provide shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion, but that doesn’t mean that’s all they have in stock. Some hotels also have a supply of deodorant, toothpaste, mouthwash, razors, shaving cream, feminine hygiene products, and even sewing kits. The secret is, you have to ask for it.

Hair styling tools and products

Leave your blow-dryer, straightener, curling iron and large bottles of hair products at home — they eat up a ton of luggage space, and take over the bathroom once you’ve unpacked.

More than two devices

Unless you’re traveling for business, you can probably make do with just a smartphone. But if you’re considering packing other devices — such as an iPad, tablet, laptop or Kindle — limit yourself to two at most.Here’s why: Overpacking gadgets leads to suboptimal vacations, courtesy of best usa payout online casino. Either you find yourself constantly distracted by your tech gear, or you end up not using most of what you packed. Choose wisely and preserve your vacation time and your packing space.

Expensive accessories

You might want to look like a fashion icon on your next trip, but don’t be tempted to pack your nicest watch, jewelry, designer purse and any other nonessential embellishments. Traveling with valuables will make you a prime target for pickpockets, and you’ll run the risk of losing or leaving the smaller accessories behind.


It’s okay to bring a snack for the plane, but there’s no reason to stash excessive amounts of food in your luggage. If your goal is to save money, plan on buying a few staple items, such as coffee, cereal and milk, when you arrive. But in your effort to save, don’t miss out on the local delicacies of the destination you are visiting. After all, isn’t the food part of the vacation experience?

Sheets and towels

Unless you’re going camping, don’t pack your own sheets and towels. Hotels, hostels, and vacation rentals nearly always provide them. And if for some reason yours doesn’t, consider it a sign that you should probably find a different place to stay.

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