Scandinavian living room: the 6 key points you need to respect

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Where to start to furnish a living room in perfect Scandinavian style. The 6 fundamental factors to take into consideration to have a Nordic living.

The Scandinavian style is proving to be one of the favorite furniture trends by Italians for its simplicity and elegance. Appreciated for the search for basic comfort. And that does not require multiple pieces of furniture, consider not to be underestimated especially when the budget is really limited.

And the Nordic style is also appreciated for its simplicity in finding expression in a domestic environment in which multiple needs must live together. It is also important to respect the tastes of the many characters who frequent the house, family, and friends of course.

Furnishing a room like the living room, in pure Scandinavian style. Therefore requires respect for some essential conditions, in order to get closer to the suggestions that can be absorbed by living in the homes of Northern Europe.
So let’s see what are the key factors to respect to furnish the Scandinavian living.

-Essential furnishings
-Light colors
-Lighting never fails

1. Essential furnishingsScandinavian living room: the 6 key points you need to respect

The homes of Scandinavia are designed to facilitate and improve comfort. The very low winter temperatures and the need to heat the rooms adequately lead to very low ceilings. So goodbye to tall furniture, reachable only with the help of a ladder.
The living room confirms this tradition: better an equipped wall. Full of shelves and shelves. Rather than a classic-style showcase with tinsel and decorations, as well as appearing imposing and predominant on the rest of the room.

The sofa will be as wide as possible, designed to accommodate as many people as possible. Corner and chaise longue models are appreciated for this very reason.

2. WoodScandinavian living room: the 6 key points you need to respect

The wood is the predominant material in the environment Scandinavian, worked and shaped for the manufacture of the vast majority of the furniture. Scandinavia’s enormous forests provide abundant raw materials, which is why furnishings and accessories are normally produced with a natural material that meets many requirements.

Resistance, versatility, and respect for the environment are fundamental points that only material such as wood is able to respect.

The parquet, preferably in bleached wood, completes the ideal scenario of the Nordic environment.

3. Light colorsScandinavian living room: the 6 key points you need to respect

The light colors triumph in the Nordic living, with a predominance of white that closely resembles the whiteness of the snow. To accompany the non-color are turtledove, gray in its many shades, cream, cream, in addition to pink for those who want to give a touch of romance.

Do not forget the search for contrast with black, which gives the room incredible charm, a combination that never ceases to amaze.

The blue, reminiscent of the ice, the North Sea and large lakes in the region, enhance the purity of style and is a fitting note of color. Shades of blue make comfort and the feeling of livability even better.

4. Lighting never failsScandinavian living room: the 6 key points you need to respect

That it is natural, thanks to large windows where the presence of the curtains is secondary, in light fabrics and with soft colors, or artificial, with floor lamps, spotlights positioned in the false ceiling rather than on the wall, lighting plays a main role in the realization of a Scandinavian living room.

In addition to being a safety factor, light makes it possible to highlight furnishings and accessories, giving a sense of satisfaction that never hurts.

5. DesignScandinavian living room: the 6 key points you need to respect

The designers of Scandinavian origin are emerging in recent years to about originality in making certain choices and study the interior furniture.

However, the apparent simplicity of the lines goes perfectly with the search for taste and aesthetic appearance.
There are different conceptions of the seats, such as ergonomic armchairs with enveloping shapes rather than lamps with a wide and curved stem. As if it were a long hand from which to let the light fall on the entire room.

In a Scandinavian living, there is, therefore, no shortage of particular furniture that has a certain personality. Which is why it stands out at first sight.

6. PlantsScandinavian living room: the 6 key points you need to respect

Finally, do not forget to place some tall plants or pots in the empty spaces of the room.

A touch of green, a situation that in cold Scandinavia sees plants submerged under a blanket of snow for many months a year. Will make the room more cheerful, as well as giving a note of color that never hurts.

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