Classic style living room: design and decoration

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In the hustle and bustle of the modern world, full of many worries and problems. A person often lacks stability and consistency, which can calm the nerves after a hard day’s work. In such a situation, a well-designed resting place, such as a living room, will help you restore your physical and emotional state. The living room, decorated in a classic style, will give an impression of security and calm nerves. The classic style of the interior is a charm, luxury, comfort and an indicator of the owner’s taste.

Classic style elements for the living roomClassic style living room: design and decoration

Many people mistakenly believe that when they decide to use a classic style in the design of a room. They will be placed in narrow frames and will not be able to improvise. And add details, decorations, etc. to their liking. Indeed, the modern style options allow you to realize your fantasies.

Do not think that only conservatives prefer a classic style, frustrated personalities who do not want to change their tastes and preferences for fashion reasons. Interior designers prefer a classic style with high intelligence, rich imagination, and sophisticated taste. Despite recently, intellectuals have chosen other areas of design and even their combinations, for example, high technology, loft or minimalism. However, these styles have a very short duration and will soon be replaced by something new. While the classics have been acquired for years and even inherited, without losing their value and relevance.

With the mention of the classic style, the first association is the following: a clean room with curly and carved furniture, soft and very elegant sofas and regal design. A very typical example of the use of classics in the design of a room is a living room or a room in warm tones of wood, which creates a feeling of warmth and conviviality.

The modern living room, decorated in a classic style, is a harmonious combination of modern and comfortable furniture with a discreet design, innovations of civilization, technological progress and beautifully refined design of the walls and ceiling.

Colors and textures in the classic style living roomClassic style living room: design and decoration

The classic is a strictly symmetrical and harmonious style, characterized by a correct shape, beautiful but limited decorative objects, and a creative design.

Given that such a living room is intended for a good rest for the whole family, experts recommend, for its design, the following colors and their different combinations:

-pale yellow;

-light green;


-pale pink;









When performing a classic design in the living room, the choice of colors should be taken very seriously. When choosing wallpaper for wall decoration or interior paint for painting, it is important to make sure that it matches the color of the furniture and the floor. The different patterns on fabrics and interior items look beautiful but provided they are made in fuzzy and warm colors. The walls of yellow, purple, orange and bright pink should be definitively abandoned.

The ideal combination is a light-colored wood and golden details with white or very light paint on the walls and ceiling. A combination of colors such as burgundy, bronze, and mahogany is also very popular. The pastel colors on the walls and ceiling are in harmony with the sofa, the green armchairs, and the brown furniture.

Classic style living room fabricsClassic style living room: design and decoration

When you create a classic interior in your living room, you must pay particular attention to the choice and purchase of fabrics. Curtains, pillowcases, seat and sofa covers cannot be cheap or of poor quality. The same goes for a carpet: it cannot be artificial or cheap.







-fluid tulle.

In addition, heavy curtains decorated with lambrequins, as well as expensive curtains combined with tulle and beautiful modern frames will adapt to a classic living room. This window design perfectly highlights the beauty and luxury of a classic style. Sheer curtains will not be suitable, as they are inherent in simpler design styles.

The choice of furniture for a classic living roomClassic style living room: design and decoration

When creating classic interiors, suitably selected furniture plays an important role, since it is the whole that allows you to define the style in the main direction. The main and essential attribute of the classic living room is a large and bright sofa. The sofa upholstery is made of fabric, on the surface of which a small relief ornament is applied. The shape of the sofa and chairs is smooth, the corners are rounded, the main material of the furniture is solid wood, that is, the furniture must be solid.

Also, in the classic living room, the furniture with open wardrobes should allow you to store splendid exquisite dishes and unusual and rare souvenirs.

Experts recommend paying close attention to helmets with solid wooden legs.

It is difficult to imagine a classic-style living room without a small and elegant coffee table. The tabletop can be in wood and resistant transparent glass. The most important thing is that the material and appearance of the table are in perfect harmony with the other details and internal elements.

If you decide to make the living room-dining room in a classic style, it is important to note that the table must have a round or oval shape and that its legs must certainly be curved, for example, carved.

Classic style living room lightingClassic style living room: design and decoration

In the classic interior of the living room, lighting plays an important role. In the center of the room, you should hang a magnificent massive chandelier on several levels. It is desirable that it is decorated with gilded, silver or crystal-shaped pendants of different shapes. The wall lamps are arranged around the perimeter of the room. They should be made of conventional forgings.

Expert advice: don’t save on lights and a chandelier. They must be of high quality and have an expensive appearance.

Arrangement of the living room in a classic styleClassic style living room: design and decoration

The living room is the central room of the apartment or house. Intended for the free time of all family members and guests. It should be nice to relax, unwind or be creative.

In order for the room to be revealed as such, it is necessary to correctly compose the semantic center of the room, the essence of which is to attract visitors. If the area allows, it is possible to create several such centers, for example near the TV, the fireplace, in the recreation area.


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