The 15 most disturbing movies

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There are films so strange and with such a bizarre universe that they plunge us into abysses of perplexity. But what did they mean? Sometimes you have to rack your brains long after the end credits to understand the conclusions of certain stories and finally assess all the twists and turns.

Bright Side has put together some disturbing films for you that you will no doubt want to watch again to analyze them from start to finish, and solve all the puzzles that you could not have elucidated, or even spotted, the first time.

Hide and Seekmost disturbing movies

A middle-aged psychiatrist, David, is desperate to help his daughter Emily recover from her mother’s death. He notices some bizarre changes in the child’s behavior. Turns out she has an imaginary friend, whom she calls, Charlie. At first, David doesn’t take her seriously, but when mysterious events start to take place in their house, he tries to find out more about this funny boyfriend.

The Doublemost disturbing movies

This movie is a real puzzle, Simon is a humble employee. At work, no one pays attention to him, and the girl of his dreams ignores him. It looks set to go on forever, until one day a certain James arrives at the office. He looks exactly the same as Simon, but a totally opposite personality. Little by little, James begins to take ownership of Simon’s life.

Donnie Darkomost disturbing movies

Donnie Darko was never considered a simple and ordinary teenager, he was always taken for a “funny bird”, a little strange, in his world. His friend is a being who only he can see and hear. This film is as bizarre as its main character. The story is complex but fascinating. This film has unconditional admirers the world over and is considered by many to be a cult.

The machinist

Trevor Reznik has not been able to sleep for a year. It has become a living skeleton trying to keep the balance between dream and reality. The dialogues and the music make this film a kind of trance trip in which the hero struggles not to sleep while leading a quest to find out what is preventing him from doing so. Christian Bale, who lost 28 pounds in three months for his role, is simply unrecognizable.

The Box

Arthur and Norma are newlyweds struggling financially. Suddenly, they become the happy owners of an enigmatic box with a button. They are told that by pressing it, they will immediately get a million dollars. But – yes, because there is a “but” – at the same time, somewhere in the world, an unknown person will die … The film is a little disturbing and makes us think: would we be able to take life from someone?

Being John Malkovichmost disturbing movies

In his office, Craig Schwartz discovers a small secret door behind which is a back passage that leads… directly into John Malkovich’s head! Craig decides to organize excursions for all those who wish to travel to the brain of the star. Such a bizarre film, that we sometimes have the impression that the characters will end up entering our own mind!

Wicker Park

Here is a powerful melodrama with a particularly elaborate story that keeps the spectator in suspense until the end. Until the last minute, impossible to guess the outcome. The tension continues to grow, the twists and turns stimulate the imagination and force the problem to turn in all directions. Add to that a super polished soundtrack, and you’ve got a movie you won’t want to miss.


After spending 20 years in a mental health clinic, the strange and lonely Dennis Clegg returns to the place where he was born and where he experienced tragedies as a child. Like a spider, he explores the web of memories that has covered his mind and his memory. The ambiance of this David Cronenberg film is somewhat psychedelic, but moviegoers will appreciate it.


This is a really interesting work worthy of attention. While watching a movie, a young man realizes that one of the actors is his carbon copy. He begins to take a close interest in him. The desire to find his double turns little by little into an obsession. But is he really sure that it is indeed his double?


This is a very strong film, with an ultra gripping story and excellent acting. Bruce Robertson is a corrupt police officer obsessed with alcohol and erotica. He tries at all costs to obtain a promotion but runs up against the animosity of his colleagues. The further the film goes, the more Robertson’s inner demons end up leading him to the gates of madness. Englishman James McAvoy delivers real performance and manages to infuse his character with extraordinary emotions.


Greg invites his girlfriend Jess to spend a day on a yacht with friends. But a violent storm capsized the boat. They are miraculously saved by a huge transatlantic liner that popped up out of nowhere. But the boat is empty, and time has stood still. However, it quickly becomes apparent that they are not so alone on the ship: someone is constantly watching them …

Identitymost disturbing movies

During a terrible flood, 10 travelers were forced to spend the night in a motel on the side of the road. But they begin to die, one after the other, without anyone managing to find the killer. Impossible to guess his identity. The story is so complex that the ending holds some extraordinary surprises.


A heroin addict and ailing father, Noe, decides to take his daughter, Jeliza-Rose, to his childhood home, lost in the middle of the wheat fields. He loses his footing with reality until he lands in a strange and dark place, where even the wildest fantasies appear innocent tales. This completely wacky movie is definitely not for everyone, but absolutely worth seeing.

Inland Empiremost disturbing movies

David Lynch’s films always portray very specific worlds, a signature that has earned him a prominent place in the history of contemporary cinema. As with all of his films, there’s no point in describing the Inland Empire or even trying to tell the story. It is a work that flirts with the absurd, without entering into any formal logic. Recommended to all moviegoers.

The Life of David Gale

Without a doubt one of the best films dealing with a man’s struggle against the justice system. Thanks to his brilliant game, the fantastic Kevin Spacey holds the spectator hostage until the last minute. The final denouement forces us to completely review the entire course of events and to question everything we thought we understood. Brilliant.

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